Tolerances in Construction Work

While most building projects are completed successfully, occasionally there may be concerns or unmet expectations that result in a non-compliance with the minimum requirements found within the relevant standard or building code in the NCC.

Most disputes between builders and consultants arise because of disagreements between the tolerance of construction work. There is no tolerance where the minimum has been specified.

To help prevent disputes, it is recommended the design of ramps should be 1 in 15 grade and walkways 1 in 21 grade instead of 1 in 14 grade and 1 in 20 grade respectively. Corridor sizes should be wider than 1000mm to allow for wall finishes (i.e. 1100mm). Handrails and balustrades should be seperate components as handrails have a maximum height of 1000mm and balustrades have a minimum height of 1000mm (best practice not to use the handrail as a balustrade). For entry doors 920mm wide doors allow for a wider clear opening than the minimum 850mm. Unisex accessible toilets 2000mm wide x 2750mm long instead of the minimum 1900mm wide x 2650mm.