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Ergon Consulting offers a comprehensive range of services provided by experienced and qualified Access & BCA Consultants.

Involving us early in your project allows us to assist in producing a cost-effective design in collaboration with the project stakeholders.

Reports & Design Reviews

Access & BCA reports required by local councils or the principal certifying authority for the DA, CDC or CC design stages include a comprehensive design review highlighting the D-t-S non-compliances and proposed solutions to assist with design clarity. Adaptable and livable housing checklists can be included within the report if required.

Performance Solution Reports

Performance solution reports can be formulated to overcome Access & BCA issues where compliance cant be achieved and a tailored alternative solution is required to achieve compliance with the performance requirements of the BCA/NCC and the Premises Standards.

Construction Design Advice

Construction design advice can be provided during the construction stage of a project to ensure the contractors on site have the necessary functional information to build correctly and more importantly limit the need for any unnecessary rectification work that may be required.

Expert Witness

Expert witness advice can be provided for legal proceedings. An independent review is conducted and an expert witness report can be prepared to address any contentions within the Land & Environment Court.

Inspection Certificates

Inspection certificates for Access & BCA can be issued to satisfy the Occupation Certificate checklist of a principal certifying authority following numerous site inspections during the construction stage for building work that has been completed.

Audit Reports

Access & BCA Audit Reports offer a comprehensive detailed review of the premises following a site inspection, identifies any barriers and advice what action needs to be taken to remove or prevent these barriers. This also includes LHA livable housing (Silver or Platinum levels) for SDA approvals.

Management Plans

Management plans can be developed following client consultation and reviews of event infrastructure as well as operations and spectator services can be undertaken for Access & BCA compliance.

Peer Reviews

Peer reviews can be undertaken to evaluate work by others for Access & BCA compliance with the relevant requirements and expert opinion provided.