What are Access Reports & BCA Reports?

Access Reports & BCA Reports are required as part of the development approval, construction certificate or complying development certificate.

As part of the report, a design assessment is performed on the latest drawings to ensure the design complies with the BCA requirements relevant to that project. Where non-compliances with the D-t-S provisions of the BCA are identified, a recommendation is provided on how to remove the non-compliance. This is issued back to the designer or architect and updated drawings provided for final checking.

Typically in a Access Report or BCA Report there would be a title page, table of contents, introduction, development details, BCA assessment which includes the relevant clauses applicable to the project and the statement of design compliance which confirms compliance with the relevant standards and BCA clauses.

In most cases the reports are either read by the relevant assessment authority i.e. Council or the Private Certifier and also used by the contractor or client as a reference tool.

Costa Miroforidis