What is a Performance Solution Report?

The term Performance Solution also known as alternative solution means a method of complying with the Performance Requirements other than by satisfying the deemed to satisfy (DTS) solutions of the BCA/NCC. Performance solutions are innovative custom solutions that can be prepared for a project and are introduced on a case by case basis.

Performance Requirements are requirements set out in the BCA/NCC which state the level of performance which a Performance Solution must meet or which a DTS is deemed to meet.

DTS is a solution which is deemed to satisfy the Performance Requirements of the BCA/NCC. These are standard requirements outlined in the BCA/NCC.

The Performance Requirements can only be satisfied by:

  • Performance Solution (where the DTS solution cant be met); or

  • Deemed to Satisfy Solution; or

  • Combination of the above.

A performance solution report is prepared for the certifying authority to demonstrate that the proposed Performance Solution meets the applicable Performance Requirements. The report is a detailed document that should only be prepared by an expert in the field. Expert meaning someone with relevant qualifications, accreditation and experience.