Updates to BCA/NCC Access Requirements

Updates to the BCA/NCC 2019 access requirements are noted below.

  • Addition of two new verification Methods DV2 and DV3 relating to accessible paths of travel and ramps;

  • Accessible locations for push buttons (where provided) at exit doors (Clause D2.21);

  • Amendment to Clause D3.5 to clarify how an accessible parking bay is treated for smaller developments;

  • Signage concession addition for sanitary facilities within Class 9c aged care buildings (Clause D3.6);

  • Reference to a sole occupancy unit in a Class 1b building corrected to refer to a bedroom instead within Clause D3.6;

  • ‘Sentence case’ has been corrected to ‘title case’ when referring to the format to be used for tactile characters on braille & tactile signs within Specification D3.6;

  • A double up clause has been removed within Clause D3.9 regarding the representative nature of wheelchair seating spaces and Specification D3.10 relating to the entry gradient in a swimming pool;

  • ‘Sanitary towels’ has been replaced by ‘sanitary products’ (Clause F2);

  • Requirement for Adult Access Change Facilities in certain shopping centres, sports venues, passenger use areas within public transport buildings, museums, art galleries & theatres;

  • AS1428.1: 2009 Amendment No. 2 has been referenced. Amdt 2 relates to width between ramp handrails under Figure 14; and

  • AS4586 Amendment No. 1 has been referenced for slip resistance for pedestrian surfaces.