Grated Pit Covers

AS 1428.1-2009 states that a grate may be used on a continuous accessible path of travel if circular openings are not greater than 13mm in diameter. This clause also states that slotted openings shall not be greater than 13mm wide, and they must be oriented so that the long dimension is transverse to the dominant direction of travel. When the slotted openings are less than 8mm, then the length of the slots may continue across the width of paths of travel.

If grate openings are too wide i.e. more than 13mm, this can capture the small front wheels of a wheelchair, the end of a crutch or cane, heels on female shoes and can possibly leading to a trip or a fall.

We highly recommend heel proof pit covers are installed to all pits along a continuous accessible path of travel to prevent any injuries.

Refer to example of a compliant heel proof pit cover.